Purpose and Core Values

Nu was born with a mission to empower its customers by fighting all the pervasive complexity that hinders better choices in their daily lives. We want to help shape new Latin American communities that can offer greater opportunities for everyone, and we believe a more efficient and competitive financial services sector translates in much more for everyone: more access, more positive customer experiences, and ultimately more money into people’s pockets to be invested in their families, education and healthcare. These can improve quality of life for millions of people, reduce income inequality and add several points of GDP growth over time. To achieve our mission, we developed a set of core values that have guided us along the way:

We want our customers to love us as local and enthusiastic “fans” — Any product or business decision at Nu is made walking backwards from the customer. We build solutions that go beyond just a product function or a business service and instead create an emotional connection through memorable customer experiences.

We are hungry and challenge the status quo — We have a high sense of urgency to improve upon the status quo. We reason from “first principles” so we avoid being consumed by conventional wisdom that inhibits progress.

We build strong and diverse teams — We believe that diversity, in all of its forms, is an ingredient for more creativity, problem-solving and real innovation. We seek to attract the best and most talented people, regardless of their resume or background.

We think and act like owners, not renters — Our relationships are based on humility, respect, transparency and extreme accountability. We foster a culture ruthlessly focused on serving our customers, with zero power or status symbols, where there is no ego, and making mistakes and learning from them is actively encouraged and is a key element for innovation.

We pursue smart efficiency — We aim to minimize waste in all of its forms to benefit all our customers and society. We believe in using technology to build proprietary systems that gives us scalability while making sure we optimize the use of all the limited resources we have as a company. As we gain efficiency, we are able to pass those gains to our customers, continuously working to provide lower and lower fees and rates.