Brazil Policies

Socio-environmental responsibility and governance matter

“We want to be remembered not only for the revolution we created, but also for we got here.” David Vélez, Founder and CEO of Nubank

We lead by example

One of our pillars at Nubank is that everyone who works here acts like an owner, regardless of their position. That starts with leadership: having a board of directors and an ethical and committed management team are essential to our mission.

Our policies

Learn about the policies and guidelines established to guide our sound and transparent governance.

Privacy Policy

We aim to end complexity. Therefore, we try to make our Privacy Policy as accessible as possible.

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Compliance Policy

We act in accordance with the regulations and laws applicable to our business, while focusing on providing the best experience for our customers.

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Security Policy

We value our customers and understand how important cybersecurity is for them to enjoy our services with peace of mind.

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Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

The guidelines and principles that drive our actions to contribute to the development of a fairer, more prosperous, and more sustainable society.

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Our contracts do not have asterisks or fine print. Access them here.

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Financial Statements

We want to make our results clear so that anyone can access them. You can find our financial statements for previous years here.

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Open Data

Our contact information and history of conversion rates.

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Credit Information System

Questions and answers about the Central Bank of Brazil's Credit Information System.

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Invoice Convention

You may access Nubank's Certificate of Registration here.

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Ethics & Compliance

Nubankers' autonomy and freedom to create, improve and make mistakes are non-negotiable values ​​– and we have ethics as the starting point for them to do it.

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